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Artificial intelligence and the NOVAX Project

What is an Artificial intelligence??

Artificial intelligence has been an integral part of video games since their inception in the 1950s.[1] AI in video games is a distinct subfield and differs from academic AI.

It serves to improve the game-player experience rather than machine learning or decision making. During the golden age of arcade video games the idea of AI opponents was largely popularized in the form of graduated difficulty levels, distinct movement patterns, and in-game events dependent on the player's input. Modern games often implement existing techniques such as pathfinding and decision trees to guide the actions of NPCs.

These AI-powered interactive experiences are usually generated via non-player characters, or NPCs, that act intelligently or creatively, as if controlled by a human game-player. AI is the engine that determines an NPC’s behavior in the game world.

AI is often used in mechanisms which are not immediately visible to the user, such as data mining and procedural-content generation. This brings us to the Question of what is NOVAX?

NovaX is a spaced war game powered by an artificial intelligence in which anybody may earn tokens via competent gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

Novax embodies rebirth and reconstruction, empowering players to shape their own reality in a new galaxy, new society, and new civilization."

Players are allowed to engage in battles, gather resources, improve their characters, and establish their own land-based kingdoms. They can also collect in-game characters as Non-Fungible Tokens and exchange them for tokens. This new gaming metaverse has provided different combat options with a variety of weapons capable of altering a player’s speed during combat.Gamers will earn rewards from gaming, while holders will earn rewards based on the quantity of tokens they hold.

While The NOVAX is a fun game, it has developed into a social network and job opportunity platform because of the vibrant community and profitability it provides.On the NOVAX AI GAMING METAVERSE you engage in Battles, Build your squad, and Collect Rewards..

The Novax AI GAMING METAVERSE is powered by its official token, the NovaX token ($NOVAX). The In-game characters can also be collected as NFTs in the game and exchanged for tokens in The official NFT marketplace..

NOVAX project has different features which are :▪

1] Incredible Atmosphere

2] Catchy Battles

3]Exciting Rewards

Another interesting thing about the NOVAX metaverse game is it facilitates the establishment of social systems such as voting, country and empire formation. In fact, a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) governance structure is employed to give users complete control over their game, data and assets.

More so, players have control over taxation, dividends, and planet management.

The game practically merges elements of breeding and combat to create an immersive and outstanding experience.

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