What is #MATRIXETF??

MATRIXETF is a cross chain ETF fund platform that supports multiple public chain networks such as Etherum, BSC,Solana, aiming to build cross-chain and scalable Defi Ecosystem.

In the traditional financial market, the amount of ETF products is dozens of times that of the stock market. We strongly believe that with the development of the cryptocurrency market, the crypto ETFs will grow up and become the mainstay of the cryptocurrency market.

Now, The #MATRIXETF is driven by the DAO community.. What does it imply?? this means that specific investment products, investment strategies and assets classes are all jointly proposed and voted by MSG holders.... What's more??

MatrixETF conceives and aims to have a financial world in which the acquisition of wealth is a passive and automated process.
Everyone craves for financial freedom when in the real sense all they need is a leverage. Now @MATRIXETF is giving you a leverage, a life time opportunity to be a part of something bigger ...join the train, join the MATRIXETF network the first of it's kind the first Decentralized and diversified ETF platform ...

Website: https://www.matrixetf.finance/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatrixETF
Medium: https://matrixetf.medium.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/MatrixETF



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